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DINEEN Coal Saver sides and backs are made from refractory fireclay. They are designed to reduce the amount of coal/fuel which is used in the fire. These Coal Savers have been fired to over 1050°C and will withstand any domestic fire and not disintegrate. They are ideal if you don't need a large fire and they can be used continuously or on a temporary basis as they are just freestanding on the fire-grate.

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No.2/3 Side Fuel Savers FS03
No. 3 Side Fuel Saver High Grade FSH03
No. 4 Side Fuel Savers FS04
No. 5 Side Fuel Savers FS05
No. 8 Side Fuel Savers FS08
No. 9 Side Fuel Savers FS09
No. 10 Side Fuel Savers FS1O
No. 10 Back Fuel Saver High Grade FSH1O
No. 11 Side Fuel Savers FS11
No. 12 Side Fuel Savers FS12
No. 12 Back Fuel Saver High Grade FSH12
No. 14 Side Fuel Savers FS14
No. 14 Back Fuel Saver High Grade FSH14
16" Glow Brick G01
18" Glow Brick G02
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