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Industrial Products
This section of our web site contains information on products related to our refractory products, such as casting and quick setting cements, moulding sands and other related items. Read the table below for more information.
Cement Fondu
Cement Fondu is a hydraulic binder based on calcium aluminates, allowing rapid setting and exceptional corrosion resitance.
Dincast high temperature castable using high alumina cement for use up to 1400°, ideal for reheat furnace walls and roofs, burner blocks and others.
Dinset cement gives outstanding service in all types of boilers, ceramic kilns, rotary kilns, ladles, flues, stacks and industrial furnaces.
Vermiculite is the fibre-free natural insulating material that is completely safe and completely non-irritant.
Geocel® FIRE BLOCK SEAL High Temperature Resistant Sealant
Geocel® Fire Block Seal, is a ready mixed and ready to use new generation fire cement that will withstand temperatures up to 1500°C.
Dinboard Vermiculite Board
Vermiculite board for use in all heat resitant environments such as gas and solid fuel stoves and heatshield applications
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