Flues, Fireplaces and Cooker parts from Dineen Refractories Ireland
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Vermiculite concrete from Dineen Refractories

Vermiculite Concrete from Dineen Refractories Ireland

We manufacture vermiculite in 3 different grades which may be used in Chimney Lining, Backing for Firebacks, Flue Insulation, Roof and Floor insulation, High Temperature insulation (up to 1280 Degrees Centigrade), Acoustic Insulation, Lightweight Concrete, Loose Pour Aggregate, and Horticultural Applications.

Large Grade Medium Grade Fine Grade
Nominal Size (mm): 3-15 2-8 0.5-3
Applications: Insulation Insulation  
Concrete Horticulture  
Refractories Refractories Horticulture


Backfill for Firebacks and Boilers
Chimney Linings
Pipe Insulation
Lightweight Concrete
Roof and Floor insulation
Thermal and Acoustic Insulation
Loose-Pour Aggregate
High Temperature Insulation
Horticultural Applications

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