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Tech Sheets and Downloads.

Below is a list of techinical specification sheets for many of our products. Clicking on the Download button will open the sheet in a new page. To save a sheet to your computer, click on the Disk Icon.Save Tech Sheets on chimneys, grates, frets and tiles
Ceramic Fibre Blanket
DINEEN CERAMIC FIBRE BLANKET is made of special ceramic long-fibre that is produced by the melting of very pure raw materials in double surface meeding process without binders. It’s a fibroid light refractory with light weight, heat resisting, excellent thermal stability, lower heat conductivity and good mechanism strength.
DINSET Cement ensures full gas-tight joints. It also protects the firebrick lining against destructive spalling and shrinkage, reduces joint erosion due to chemical attack of slags or dust laden fumes and prevents penetration of joints by molten metal or fluid slag.
Fire Bricks
Manufactured from some of the finest fireclays in the world, these fire-bricks are designed for moderate duty service.
Geocel® FIRE BLOCK SEAL High Temperature Resistant Sealant is a ready mixed and ready to use new generation fire cement that will withstand temperatures up to 1500°C.
Dineen Vermiculite
DINEEN vermiculite is manufactured at our own works in Ireland and is suitable for insulating chimney liners, backfill for firebacks and boilers, pipe insulation, roof and floor insulation, thermal & acoustic insulation and much more.
Dineen Perlite
Perlite is a naturally occurring mineral, which develops into a pure white and inert material of varying sizes, when expanded in our dedicated Perlite Expander, at temperatures up to 1000 Deg C
Dinboard Vermiculite Board
DINBOARD is a non-combustible, fire resistant vermiculite board which can be easily cut to shape using standard woodworking tools. It has excellent thermal insulation properties and minimal shrinkage at high temperatures.
Grates & Frets
Our range of fire grates and frets.
Chimney Cans and Pots
Dineen Chimney Pots are manufactured from top quality clays to be completely frost proof and will withstand the hardest coldest weather.
Handmade Irish Terracotta Tiles
These tiles are manufactured by hand in our plant. Fired to extremely high temperatures, the tiles are resistant to frost and excellent to store heat making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Clay Rollback Fireback
DINEEN CLAY ROLLBACK FIREBACKS are from an old design with deep grooves on the back and sides of the fire area.
Fuel Savers
DINEEN Coal Saver sides and backs are made from refractory fireclay. They are designed to reduce the amount of coal/fuel which is used in the fire.
CE Cert Flues
CE Certificate for our Flue Liners
CE Cert Bricks
CE Certificate for our Concrete Stock Bricks.
CE Cert Vermiculite
CE Certificate for Dineen Vermiculite
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